why choose Fairfax?

selling a business

Fairfax Corporate Finance offers a comprehensive range of services to assist you in the sale of your company acting as a sounding board for you and as a intermediairy between you and potential buyers. Of course, you may also be looking for a suitable successor to take your place at the helm of your family business. This decision is always a difficult one, and is often paired with serious consequences. Fairfax is thoroughly familiar with the complex nature of transactions like these and the discretion required, as well as the position of the current management (management buy-out). Fairfax can provide sound advice on the financial and tax-related consequences associated with business succession.

buying a business

Are you looking to expand your business though one or more takeovers? Fairfax Corporate Finance offers full-scale assistance in the acquisition process. Our first step in this process will be to discuss the underlying motives for the acquisition and the business model of your company, as these factors are the pillars on which an acquisition procedure is founded. Our next step towards ensuring a successful acquisition is to draw up a search profile directed at identifying and approaching prospective candidates. We also assist experienced managers in the acquisition of a suitable company (management buy-in). In this process, we will also be happy to help you find suitable financing, whether in cooperation with a bank or a private equity firm.

tailored advice thanks to specialist knowledge of the sector

With a thorough background in the chemical industry, Fairfax and its advisers are specialised in the chemical and plastics processing industries. In fact, in-depth experience in the chemical distribution industry is one of Fairfax’s unique selling points as an M&A boutique. This combination allows us to provide our clients highly specialised advice. Fairfax also has substantial experience in the technical wholesale sector.

strategic advice

Our specialist knowledge of these sectors enables us to provide our clients with sound strategic advice. This often addresses on such aspects as the growth, reduction or streamlining of your activities. A successful strategy takes into account the best markets for your product and the incentives needed to achieve the envisioned goal.


about fairfax

Fairfax Corporate Finance takes a professional, pragmatic, driven, honest and innovative approach to helping its clients achieve their goals. Our greatest strength lies in our ability to make intelligent combinations. In a personal and obligation-free orientation interview we will assess your wishes and needs in the area of business succession, a takeover, or the sale of your company. We will be happy to discuss our services with you in detail, in which we aim to keep costs down as much as possible by efficiently delegating the preparatory work between you and our staff. Collaboration and coordination: In most cases, Fairfax will be in charge of the engagement exclusively. Of course, we will also be working closely together with your accountant, in which the best possible use is made of each party’s knowledge and expertise through the coordination of tasks. Fairfax will make every effort to take as many tasks as possible off your shoulders so that you will have you hands free to continue running your company.


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Drs. Peter Schouten

Peter Schouten is a chemist and had various positions in the chemical and the oil industry, and the banking sector. Peter served as Senior Financial Analyst and gained a lot of experience especially within the European chemical industry.
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drs. Martin Schor

management consultant
Martin Schor is bedrijfseconoom en volgde post- universitaire opleidingen in marketing- en verkoopmanagement. Martin bekleedde diverse leidinggevende en commerciële functies in de chemie, olie-industrie en internationale groothandel.

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